Music Biz Star Or Adult Entertainment Star??? You Make the Call

What’s in a name?  My name is a bit unusual awful, and I’m often asked about it.  (I don’t usually answer, but I am asked.  If you feel a need to discover its origin, it’s in my bio.)  If you know anything about the entertainment world, then you are aware that the music biz and the adult film biz have intersected a time or two (certain rock stars, for example, have been known to kanoodle with adult stars).  With that in mind, it’s time for a name quiz.

Read each name and decide if that person is A) A musical performer or B) An adult entertainment performer.

The answers will be posted in a couple of days.  Good luck.  I guess you can be a complete tool if you want and just look them all up on the internet, but since there is absolutely jack squat for a prize, where’s the need or the fun in doing that?  Post your guesses, if you are brave enough.

We’ll start off easy…

1.  Britney Spears

2.  Randy Spears

3.  Natalia Wood

4.  Ron Wood

5.  Nikki Sixx

6.  Sikki Nixx

7.  Pink

8.  Jani Lane

9.  Chasey Lain

10. Joey Ramone

11. Dale DaBone

12. Nacho Vidal

13. Nikki Nova

14. Heather Nova

15. Joan Jett

16. Veronica Jett

17. Shy Love

18. Courtney Love

19. Donna Summer

20. Kristal Summers

21. Shirley Manson

22. Brad Paisley

23. Paisley Hunter

24. Lacey Duvalle

25. Lacey Mosley

26. Janet Jackson

27. Janet Jacme

28. Billie Jo Armstrong

29. Brad Armstrong

30. Hayley Lynn

31. Hayley Williams

32. Jasmine St. Claire

33. David St. Hubbins


1. A

2. B

3. B



6. B

7. A

8. A

9. B


11. B

12. B

13. B

14. A

15. A

16. B

17. B

18. A

19. A

20. B


22. A

23. B

24. B


26. A

27. B


29. B

30. B


32. B



2 Responses to “Music Biz Star Or Adult Entertainment Star??? You Make the Call”

  1. Britney Spears definitely B) An adult entertainment performer 😀

  2. I sooo would have kicked ass on this contest had I gotten here on time. 😕 Being somewhat demented can have that effect on a guy. 😦 I’ve added you to my regular rotation, so hopefully this won’t happen any more. 😉

    Rock on dude. 😛

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