Would You Record Music in a Haunted House??? (I Would, You Pansy)

I’m weird, and I love to record music.  This combination has me in the mood to record in some unconventional places.  Below are the next five I want to try.  I think the sound could be interesting and ass-kicking.

1.  Inside one of those gargantuan water towers.  It’s imperative that it be exactly 1/3 full of water (or preferably cherry Kool-Aid).  This would be the first time in my life that I would record while wearing a life-jacket (though I did nearly drown while recording a song once…that story is for another time).

Looks like a freaking blast

Looks like a freaking blast

2.  Inside an elephant’s stomach.  Don’t worry, I’m an animal lover.  However, I’d love to find the right opportunity to record a quick song some time when a pachyderm is scheduled for stomach surgery.  I’d pop my head and a minimal amount of sterile recording equipment in and just let it rip.  I dream of the sound that would produce.

3.  In an island cave. My intense fear of bats (one actually flew into me one time, leaving me with a nose bleed) is the major hindrance here.  I’m currently in psychotherapy to overcome it just so I can record a song in a location not unlike the one below.  (We’re not getting very far, though, as my therapist seems obsessed with my sex dreams.)

Yuck, imagine the bat dung

Yuck, imagine the bat dung

4.  From inside a UFO.  I don’t care if it’s from space or a secret government aircraft or a weather balloon.  I just want to sing inside something that is freaking someone out on the ground.

5.  From inside a haunted house (like the one below in the Smoky Mountains, courtesy of this site). I want to be the first to have ghostly backing vocals in my music, ala EVPs.  That would be sweeter than I could ever put into words.

I just peed my pants

I just peed my pants

I’m always interested in strange places to record.  Leave your ideas here.  Peace.  (Coming soon:  My next music video called Herpes # 1.)


One Response to “Would You Record Music in a Haunted House??? (I Would, You Pansy)”

  1. Dude, I would. That is, assuming I suddenly developed musical talent (which I would find more amazing than the back EVP vocals)

    Then you, my dear lady, rock.

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