Video Premiere: I Kissed An Earl

This is my parody of Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed A Girl” (and you’ll like it).

“I Kissed An Earl”


2 Responses to “Video Premiere: I Kissed An Earl”

  1. Hell to the yeah! Love the cartoon pics too – jeez, you are hilarious, and yeah, it must be the boobies! 🙂

    Thank you, and it’s definitely the boobies.

  2. Ha! Ha! Very funny! I was about to call the internet police on you! I thought I was familiar with these lyrics so I went on Matt’s site to tell on you… but there was your video on his blog!

    You should NEVER eat more than 30 crepes in one sitting. Are ya nuts??!?!!

    Matt and Luke have been hanging onto my coattails for a bit now. I’m going to have to shake them off at some point. I’m not sure whey they feel they are important to my career, other than writing most of my songs. Regarding the crepes: I was only ill for about three hours afterward so I would say it was worth it.

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